The Learning Curve

Reaching For It

The Climb

Good Afternoon Everyone,

As this is officially my second post, I am still attempting to find a method to my madness. My first entry was somewhat bold and perhaps overly formal, so I will try to keep more of a conversational flow in the hopes that perhaps someone will actually end up reading this.

Getting Centered


Admittedly, my thoughts do bounce around as I am quite interested in a number of topics, but I will do my best to find coherence, and use this blog as a means of consolidating my views of life, our planet, and our place in the universe. Still pretty ambitious I know, but I will try and tackle it through what I see and learn on a daily basis, and focus on the common theme.

How to get there

Banking on Hope

I plan to achieve this focus through a collection of reviews, insights, and opinion articles, ultimately incorporating them into the message of sustainability, and highlighting their inter-connectivity to the benefit of my readers. Indeed, my hope is that we will all grow together, building our understanding and potentially providing solutions to the complex challenges that surround us all.


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