Return of the Blogger


Back to It

It has been awhile I know, but in my defence, I have been learning, traveling, and experiencing a whole lot that I look forward to sharing with you. It has been quite a summer!

A WOOFER Out of Me


Of my many adventures these past few months, I had the tremendous opportunity to travel once again to Japan, where this time I partook in WWOOFing ( The WWOOF network is an international organization that connects organic farmers with volunteer workers looking to gain experience, a place to stay, and some fabulous home cooked meals(!). It provides the kind of social media reference (much like Uber or AirBnB), that can potentially offer you the necessary peace of mind to pack your bags and head over to another country and stay with complete strangers. Granted those are just the logistics. The real aspect is the integration of like-minded individuals who want to learn more about the environment, where our food comes from, and how this gets done in various parts of the world.

Considerable Deliciousness


I had the pleasure of staying in southern Japan (Kyushu), where amongst the various daily duties (you put in 6-8 hours of work a day, with one to two days off per week), I harvested beans, grew rice, and spent luscious hours of sun soaked exuberance pulling grasses out by their roots (organic farming implied chemical free). It truly was a magnificent experience and I really did get to see a side of the country that I feel quite privileged to have observed.

The “Nine Provinces” (Kyushu)


What a magnificent part of the world, and one that I definitely hope to return to! I can certainly go into further details of my trip, but I’ll hold off as I want to keep this blog dedicated to the mission of sustainability rather than my trip specifically (although I did learn a lot about sustainable living that I will include in future posts). For now, I had simply wanted to share with you the reason for delayed absence, and my renewed commitment to the cause. Should you want to learn more about my experience there, please feel free to comment below and I’d be happy to share.

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