Waste Not, Want Not

Film Recommendation

Trashed (2012)


Jeremy Irons takes us on a journey through our waste, as he investigates it’s impact on our world. This is a moving documentary that will hopefully encourage a greater awareness of our trash and what it does to people and wildlife around the planet. There are indeed deeply saddening examples of those afflicted, as viewers bare witness to a small dose of the tremendous burden being carried by nature and the world’s poor. The documentary is effective in highlighting the glaring deficiency in the current status quo with regards our waste and the immense opportunity for it to be improved.

Swimming in trash

Literally swimming in it.

Despite the focus on what we are doing wrong with in our waste management and overconsumption, Trashed is not a wholly depressing film. There are painful moments to be sure, but the filmmakers also present alternatives to how we address waste, and attempt to offer hope that we can learn from our mistakes. We have learned from other mistakes in past and made corresponding improvements. We can do so with our trash. It is a profound and impassioned documentary certainly worth your time and attention.

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