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Originally from Montreal, I'm a motivated Canadian deeply committed towards implementing and communicating sustainability. Although things look dire, there's still time to act! To that effect, I'm more than happy to collaborate in order to help advance the sustainability transformation. Now living in Tokyo, I'm ready and willing to reach across countries and time zones to help realize positive change.

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  1. March 7, 2019

    […] Written by Elizabeth Kolbert this compelling book is a powerful indication of the extensive changes that are currently underway on our planet. Due to the excesses of human activity, we are bringing about the next (6th) mass extinction of life on this planet. We are dooming countless species, and quite possibly ourselves, with no grand external threat to blame. Click here for more. […]

  2. April 11, 2019

    […] growth, and uncurbed resource extraction, pollution, & destruction is bringing out the 6th mass extinction. We know the climate is changing, and that we are the cause (see also Running Low On Time). So why […]

  3. September 22, 2019

    […] Rebellion represents yet another organization that has been making the news. The earth is undergoing a mass extinction event, and humans are the cause. However, some impassioned people are taking action in the belief that we can do […]

  4. February 9, 2020

    […] Unfortunately, we’re not as considerate for the other creatures that share our natural world, and they are disappearing at incredibly alarming rates due to human activity (see We’re DoingIt Wrong). […]

  5. March 11, 2020

    […] news is often depressing & discouraging. Indeed, there are so many examples of humans being a scourge to nature and wildlife. Humanity’s relationship with our own species isn’t often seen as that much better. […]

  6. August 20, 2020

    […] it’s all the life on earth that is threatened by our destructive tendencies. Millions are already suffering from the effects of climate change, […]

  7. August 25, 2020

    […] This is a clear message to retain in light of all the climate change denying and fossil fuel lobbying. The truth is not pleasant. We are warming the planet, endangering human civilization, and threatening countless species. […]

  8. August 25, 2020

    […] definitely use this motivation. Our natural world is being threatened, the environment eroded, and species are being wiped out on a massive scale. We must fight to stop this! We can help human society to transition towards sustainability. The […]

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