The Bag of the Future


The New Temp Bag

From Bali, Indonesia comes this awesome new bag that is ready to replace the excessive and antiquated plastic version currently dominating the planet. Although other plastic bag alternates have made the claim to be biodegradable, this one is totally compostable, and can even be eaten safely by wildlife (apparently they dig it)! It’s made from Cassava root (see below), an indigenous plant that’s safely consumed by humans and animals alike, and was engineered to degrade in nature within 3 to 6 months.

manihot_esculenta_dsc07325What’s additionally inspiring is the fact that this initiative was launched to help combat a very real problem currently plaguing Bali and the planet at large. The amount of plastic particles chocking our oceans is rising at alarming rates, and this toxic debris –contributed by the use of billions of disposable plastic bags – is visibly washing up on Bali’s beaches. The team at Avani, the social enterprise that launched this product, declares as it’s vision, “to become the nation’s leading pioneer in sustainable alternatives by providing our stakeholders present beneficial values while leaving impactful footprints for future generations,” and we at Sustainably Motivated agree wholeheartedly.

Watch the video below to learn more, or click the welcome image (top of post) to be redirected to their website.


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