Lifestyle Choices

The Lifestyle section is comprised of a number of inter-related topics that directly impact our daily lives, activities, health, and, travel.


The Ride to Work

Getting around. For the majority of people on this planet, we spend a considerable amount of time simply going to and from work and school, picking up life’s essentials, or simply heading out for a little leisure and entertainment.


At the Cantina

This section will cover that which impacts our cultural side as a society from a sustainability perspective. While this can pretty much mean any number of things, I will focus specifically on Art, Fashion, and Film.


you've been schooled

What’s currently being taught. What we’re actually learning. What we should be learning. This section will seek to cover the planning and implementation of sustainable education in our countries. Examine what is presently underway, and what can be improved and how.


We do eat an unnecessarily large amount of cheese...
We do eat an unnecessarily large amount of cheese…

This section will cover the topics related to what we eat. This will include the examination of where and how our food is grown, specific ingredients, eating establishments, and the future of food. I’ll also probably include some recipes for good measure.


Healthy Choices

What’s going on with our bodies.


The Green House

Life at home, habits, tips, and thoughts for the home itself.


The Rockies

This section will cover the natural environment. While obviously this will likely overlap with my other sections (the natural environment is integral to every facet of life including society and industry), the focus here will be on the outdoors, namely our forests, lakes, rivers, oceans, and mountains.


Ready to Go

Taking off.


be a volunteer


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