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How the Tech Giants are Tackling Sustainability

A brief look at what the big four tech giants are up to in terms of sustainability. Given their tremendous resources, expectations are understandably high.


What’s Wrong with Bitcoin?

A Heavy Environmental Toll Both a technological innovation and an environmental burden, the emergence of crypto-currencies has come to exact a heavy price on energy consumption. Seen as an alternative form of monetary designation,...


Are Divestments Working?

What We’re Dealing With Divestment is “the act of selling off a business/es, or of no longer investing money in something,” (Cambridge Dictionary). Basically pulling your money from organizations that you no longer believe to be...


The Lowdown on Sustainability Reporting

The Toronto Sustainability Reporting Symposium Last week I attended a conference on sustainability reporting. It was held in Toronto’s swanky financial district (this is where the TV show Suits is filmed btw – yours truly got...