Top 5 Climate Change Apps

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Tech Tools For Learning about the Planet

For those of you looking for a few interesting apps that could help you discover more about our planet, I’ve put together a list of my top 5. Although I started out excited to share some goodies, for some reason this turned out to be surprisingly challenging, as many of the apps I had looked into were faulty or outdated. A quick Google search will lead you to other lists that are already over 5 years old and not quite relevant. This disappointment kind of amazed me, as I’ve been noticing and sharing real progress in the movement to address climate change and the growing social consciousness.┬áThere is however a serious gap on the application side of things. On the bright side, this might be an opportunity for one of my readers to address;)

Without further delay, here are some of the apps I have personally tried out and liked.

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Why Biomimicry is So Cool!

Close-up of Gekko Fingers

Adopting Nature’s R&D

Nature has had millions of years to work on its designs and efficiencies, and it’s no wonder that humans have sought to adopt and mimic these traits for our own uses. This practice of transferring over elements or techniques from the natural world is called biomimicry, and it represents a cutting edge approach towards developing sustainable solutions to the many problems we face.

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The Bag of the Future


The New Temp Bag

From Bali, Indonesia comes this awesome new bag that is ready to replace the excessive and antiquated plastic version currently dominating the planet. Although other plastic bag alternates have made the claim to be biodegradable, this one is totally compostable, and can even be eaten safely by wildlife (apparently they dig it)! It’s made from Cassava root (see below), an indigenous plant that’s safely consumed by humans and animals alike, and was engineered to degrade in nature within 3 to 6 months.

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