Tokyo’s Love Affair with Bicycles


The Next Stage of Urban Cycling

Living in Japan for nearly a year now, I am still perpetually amazed and impressed by the number of people who chose to commute by bike (see The Daily Commute). It’s a clean, convenient, and cost-effective means of getting around, and it has the potential of bringing genuine joy to the rider. I’m certainly a fan. Biking to work, school, and social events had often been my preferred means of travel back in Montreal (despite the long winters), but here in Tokyo, they’ve managed to bring urban cycling to the next level!

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Baby Knowledge Starter Kit


On Track Towards Sustainable Parenting

Parenting is a glorious, difficult, rewarding, amazing, grueling, and incredible experience! When you discover (or decide) that you will bring and raise new life into this world, it can generate a wonderful new sense of awareness and a mountain of questions. The search for answers also brings with it the realization that the world can be a safer, more sustainable place if we commit to our roles as parents and encourage empathy, compassion, and understanding in our little ones as we follow more traditional, scientifically backed, means of attachment parenting.

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Send In The Clowns


Comedians as a Source of Truth

There is lots written about the media and the nature of its influence on public discourse. Over time, I have also come to realize the limited picture we get when we simply follow what is conveyed over cable news. Fortunately, I was also lucky enough to travel, pickup a love of reading, and greatly diversify where I get my information and content.

In this time of increasing media monopolization and blatant dominance of money in the political process, it is critical to have various outlets and channels to reach out to and learn from. I have already listed a few in the past (see Becoming Sustainably Motivated), but I wanted to focus this time round on the importance of humor, satire, and comedy for criticizing the status quo and questioning the established narrative.

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Green Tokyo: Komazawa Park

Komazawa Koen (Park)

An Urban Refuge

My family and I just spent a gorgeous day at Komazawa Olympic Park! Located in a corner of southwestern Tokyo, this huge green space provided us with a full day of outdoor fun. Outdoor activities are certainly a must for peace of mind when living in a big city (see The Sacred Balance), and this need is especially compounded with children. The endless sights, sounds, and smells of an urban capital can potentially weigh down on a person, and Tokyo is no exception. In fact, it’s not merely a city, but rather a megalopolis! With a population of approximately 38 million (the entire population of my home country of Canada is 36 million), across a metropolitan area of about 2, 000 square km, it truly is massive. If ever you have the opportunity to visit the city and make it up one of its many towers or skyscrapers, you’ll see that the urban landscape stretches beyond sight. Still, that doesn’t mean Tokyo is void of its fair share of greenery and flora.

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