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Raising Children for a Sustainable Future

The more we learn about issues of climate change, pollution, social justice, environmental protection, health, and security, the more we come to understand that all these topics are truly interconnected. Sustainability is a mindset, and it can (and should) start from the very beginning of life. From child delivery and nutrition, to emotional development, cultivated empathy, and delight in play, so much of what shapes the world is shaped by our own upbringing, and how we choose to raise our children.

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A Sustainable Source of Quality Jobs

Book Recommendation

The Green Collar Economy

by Van Jones (2008)

Green Collar

Van Jones makes the case for the renewable energy sector as a force for environmental and economic good. Climate change is indeed a terrible man-made crisis, but it also presents an opportunity for societies to shed their fossil fuel dependency and offer leadership through alternatives and innovation.

Globalization has transferred millions of manufacturing jobs away from developed nations towards the developing world. This need not be viewed as a bad thing for the developed states (although labour conditions in the developing world are still in need of dramatic improvement). Rather, it provides the chance for the US, and other prosperous countries, to invest in the future and expand the skills of their citizens.

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Fighting for the Planet

Book Recommendation

Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist

Bill McKibben (2013)

Oil and Honey Book Cover

Purpose and Meaning

In Oil and Honey, Bill McKibben offers an account of his life and the struggle of his recent years as he helped grow the momentum around combating climate change. Originally, Bill had simply been a humble author (and all around good human), writing about environmental issues for decades. However, despite the overwhelming evidence to support his concern for the planet, his words were not making the impact he knew was needed. He felt compelled to do more in order to help avert the ongoing destruction of our planet and the corresponding catastrophic climate change that results from it.

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