The Candian Government Meets to Talk Climate Change



Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a public consultation on combating climate change. It was the first such hearing offered here in Montreal by the incoming (Liberal) federal government. This type of event was definitely not a priority for the previous government, nor was combating climate change. It is evident however that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new cabinet have sincerely taken steps towards increased transparency and inclusion. Having said that, those of us strongly concerned with climate change really want our governments to be doing more, and therefore public consultations are indeed a vital part of the process.

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The Struggle for Survival

Film Recommendation

The Island President (2011)

Getting the Word Out

This documentary follows Mohamed Nasheed the (then) president of the Republic of Maldives on his quest to generate the necessary attention and subsequent policy measures required to help prevent his country from being swallowed up by climate change. The Maldives, a collections of islands in the Indian Ocean, is home to aprx. 350, 000 (human) inhabitants all of whom are in danger of becoming climate refugees as global temperatures increase and ocean waters rise.

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Questionable Ownership

Film Recommendation

Bottled Life (2012)

Admittedly disturbing documentary following the business practices of Nestle with regards to how they pursue bottled water as a beverage product, and the manner in which they exploit local environments, and corresponding governments, in their pursuit of greater profits. While this can leave the viewer unsettled, it also encourages active involvement, as an informed citizenship (and consumer) can subsequently learn to make better choices. We encourage you to give it a view.

Human Right or Exploitable Resource?

Film Recommendation

Blue Gold (2008)

This documentary provides a strong reminder of the absolute importance of water to life, and raises questions regarding the legality of corporate ownership over water rights that should belong to citizens and locals. Undeniably, water has become big business. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) sites these figures on their website (link),

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The Aspired System

For the People, By the People


Laws are written and passed with the supposed intent of protecting and benefiting society. In simple terms, they are passed because people want them. Whether due to the inability of existing laws to effectively address a need, or the desire to revise established laws to reflect a people’s social evolution, communities can mobilize, generate pressure, and demand change.

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