French President Addresses US Congress

Macron in US.jpg

 Calling for Unity and Engagement

This past week French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the US Congress, reminding the country’s elected leaders of their nation’s relationship with France and the world. The environmental, political, economic, and security issues facing the world today are complex and require cooperation and engagement.

This comes as a sharp contrast to the rhetoric and actions of the current US President who not only choses to follow a policy of isolationism and division, but is also blatantly turning away from the scientific consensus in the need for urgent climate action.

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New Zealand to Ban Future Offshore Oil Drilling


A Big Win For Climate Action

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, announced today that there would be no future oil drilling in the country’s waters (Financial Times). Since New Zealand’s waters, aka its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), cover approximately 4 million square kilometers, this is an especially amazing achievement! The declaration comes at a pivotal moment in the global push to combat climate change, and a is big win for the environment.

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NYC Stepping Up its Climate Action


NYC to Divest from Fossil Fuels and Sue the Big Oil Companies

NYC’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced this week his administration’s intention to divest the city’s pension funds from any fossil fuel related investments. This amounts to approximately 5 billion dollars worth of assets, out of the entire $189 billion pension pool. Serious coin. Understanding that this can be potentially complicated, as the funds need to maintain certain returns and so forth, but the goal is to achieve this within 5 years.

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Climate Change Public Consultation Vol2

Sharing our concerns for the future

I recently attended yet another public consultation on combating climate change. This time hosted by my local MP, and Parliamentary Cabinet Member, Marc Garneau. It took place in Notre-Dame-de-Grace (NDG) at the Concordia University campus. With the last government consultation in Montreal just a few months ago (see Canadians Talk Climate Change), I was excited to get back to the issue and find out first-hand what our government was up to and what other people in my community had to say.

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Canadians Talk Climate Change

Canadian landscape.

Public Consultation on Combating Climate Change

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a public consultation on combating climate change. It was the first such hearing offered here in Montreal by the incoming (Liberal) federal government. This type of event was definitely not a priority for the previous Canadian government, nor was combating climate change. It is evident however that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new cabinet have sincerely taken steps towards increased transparency and inclusion. Having said that, those of us strongly concerned with climate change really want our governments to be doing more, and therefore public consultations are indeed a vital part of the process.

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