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Sustainably Motivated is driven by our team of talented and empathetic individuals who share a passion for sustainability. Our skills and experience cover a wide range, but they all intersect around our appreciation of the natural world and our desire to do better. We love what we do, and are happy to share our discoveries and motivation for adopting sustainability!

Marc-Antoni Tarondo

Marc-Antoni Tarondo

Co-founder & Director

There really is so much to learn and apply towards adopting sustainable practices! With a background in history and business management, Marc-Antoni loves leveraging the past to help solve for the future.

Originally from Montreal, Canada he now lives in Tokyo, Japan. Marc-Antoni is genuinely committed to sustainability and is constantly working to help communicate the message and advocate for changes that will help realize these goals.

Silvia Ito

Silvia Ito

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor

I’m a mother of two awesome boys! On the corporate side, I work as a project manager helping engineers in efficiency & productivity initiatives. I genuinely love digging for information, deep diving in a wide range of topics.

I enjoy discovering the true cause of issues and presenting them simply & visually. From parenting to home management; work, efficiency, and sustainability. I don’t know what boredom is, there’s always things to do, learn, and share.

Megan Fuller

Megan Fuller

Content Manager / Writer

Megan has always loved nature and grew up surrounded by it in rural Ottawa, Canada. Her background in ecology and geography has illuminated both the issues and solutions surrounding the various environmental crises we are facing today. She hopes to create relatable, informative content that readers can walk away from feeling encouraged and educated.

Cortney Toner

Cortney Toner

Content Writer

Cortney has been passionate about the environment for as long as she can remember! Growing up in a household where environmental issues were always front and centre, Cortney inherited a love for the planet, its immense powers and has developed a strong desire to protect it in anyway she can.

Cortney attended York University, earning a degree in Environmental Studies. She loves writing, and hopes to encourage other sustainably motivated people through this platform.

Sarah Doyle profile pic.

Sarah Doyle

Content Writer

Sarah is a recent sustainability graduate that tries to practice what she preaches when it comes to living lightly. She believes in the power of community-lead action, and hopes to inspire you to take small daily actions for a much larger purpose.

As a Canadian with overseas experience, the opportunity to live and work abroad has also help colour her vision for a greener future.

Rory Wheat profile

Rory Wheat

Content Writer

Rory holds a B.Sc in Environmental Biology and decided to further his education in the area that inspires him the most by getting a M.Sc in Sustainability. Rory grew up on a small family ranch in Alberta where his family still raises grass-fed sheep and cattle which they sell locally to friends and family.

Now living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Rory has become a wildlife ecologist for a not-for-profit called Troutreach. He endeavors to incorporate sustainability in his life whenever he can, his herb garden, composting, and aquaculture projects have become more than just hobbies. During his free time Rory enjoys reading a good book or spending it outside usually with his camera and his Australian Shepherd Elsa.

Nicole Bitter profile pic.

Nicole Bitter

Content Writer

Nicole is a recent graduate in the environmental field from the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. She has focused her studies on topics such as water quality, invasive species, pollinator conservation, and resource management. She has also worked on projects within urban forestry and stewardship.

Turning her efforts towards blogging, she hopes to share her love and knowledge for the environment by reaching a wider audience and foster support for the sustainability movement. Sustainability, in essence, is living within our means to provide a lasting future for the human species. Through these actions we also help to create a planet that is fruitful and wonderous, giving life ever more meaning.

Katie Sutter profile pic

Katie Sutter

Content Writer

Katie has always felt a connection to nature. As she grew, she decided to take this passion and focus her studies around it. Completing a B.A. at Dalhousie University in political science and environmental sustainability, Katie became aware of the large gap in climate communications.

By entering a career in environmental communications and writing for blogs like Sustainably Motivated, Katie hopes to aid in the understanding of the current climate crisis. The only way for us to make a change is to become more informed!

Adriana Bianco profile pic.

Adriana Bianco

Content Writer

Adriana Bianco holds a BSc and an MSc from the University of Guelph. She works in environmental education where she uses non-releasable birds of prey as teaching tools to connect people of all ages with nature. Adriana hopes to inspire change through her work and daily actions where she strives to live a low-impact lifestyle.

Isabella Berno profile pic.

Isabella Berno

Content Writer

Isabella is a Peace Studies and English & Cultural Studies major at McMaster University. She continually looks to experience and conserve the great outdoors through a sustainable and social lens.

She’s motivated to learn and inspire new and greener ways to go about our daily lives, writing with a focus on individualistic approaches, as well as worldwide phenomena.

Harleen Sodhi profile

Harleen Sodhi

Content Writer

Harleen has always been one to advocate for an array of environmental issues to her friends, family, and anyone that would listen. While studying political science equipped her with the knowledge to tackle global crises, she believed what truly needed the spotlight was the environment. With further study in sustainability, she wants to encourage others to live a life that is fulfilling, yet not harmful to others or the natural world.

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