Sharing The Motivation

Albert Einstein wisdom, "Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act."

Deep Wisdom

This quote, attributed to Albert Einstein, has become a fundamental component of our philosophy here at Sustainably Motivated. It guides our purpose. We recognize the weight of Einstein’s words, “Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” It compels us to act accordingly and to share what we know.

The moon gravitating the earth.

A Motivating Force

It seems pretty evident that knowledge isn’t particularly useful if we don’t apply it. Unfortunately, this is precisely what we’re doing with regard to the climate crisis. We know that human activity is generating copious amounts of greenhouse gases, that are in turn warming the planet (see NASA – Global Climate Change).

We are literally changing the earth’s climate. What’s more, science also tells us we need to stop or face the dire consequences. There is no shortage of scientific evidence. What we are severely lacking however, is the political will for change. At least from those presently in charge.

Einstein writing on the blackboard.
This is a climate emergency.

The Wisdom to Change

The general public seems to be increasingly concerned with climate change & the radical climate disasters already impacting us. Government leaders have not yet responded in kind. Indeed, governments are evidently heavily influenced by the very organizations that profit most from the status quo. In addition, the fossil fuel industry uses its massive wealth and influence to actively work to prevent the changes we need.

This is where Einstein’s inspiration comes into play. He understood the dark horrors man was capable of. In his lifetime, Einstein witnessed terrible atrocity and the further potential for it. As a result, he encouraged others to act upon the knowledge they acquired. It is the duty of those who know better to step up! It’s what is still needed now. We are currently facing a climate emergency. If enough of us act together, hopefully we can still curb the worst of it.

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