Exploring Our Relationship With Water

Film Recommendation

Watermark (2013)

Eye Candy

Watermark is a visually striking documentary that explores our relationship with water. What makes this particular documentary unique is the great attention that was made to cinematography. It’s really quite lovely! The directors take us on a slow moving journey that still manages to astound viewers despite the languid pace.

In that regard, it is itself a reflection of water, in that it can chose to move slowly but still contain such power. This documentary has a similar effect. The viewer is transported around the globe, and indeed back in time (arctic ice, or medieval wells) to better appreciate our very deep connection with water.

Inside the Wave
Click the image to read the UN’s Message on Water Management.

Infinite Forms

The imagery of Watermark is impressive! They have plenty to pull from. Including, how we’ve managed to bring water to the dessert in some cases, while held it back with damns in others. There are numerous examples of how water, and water management effects our lives. From growing our food and powering our homes, to being a source of religious homage or just plain leisure activity.

If you’re in the mood for a profound and picturesque take on how water influences us and vice versa, I would recommend giving it a watch. Enjoy!


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