Witnessing A Social Awakening – Sleeping Giant Documentary

Film Recommendation

Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Making of a Political Revolution (2017)

A Healthy Reminder

An inspiring documentary that reminds viewers that in a democracy, power ultimately rests with the people. It covers the rising political and social movements in the US that are struggling to restore a sense of balance and justice to the current system. The sleeping giant does appear to be awakening!

With insight from various grassroots organizers, this powerful documentary reflects the energy and emotion that is prevailing modern America. The film shares stories from BlackLivesMatter, Democracy Spring, and a local political campaign from West Virginia (Sabrina Shrader).

Bernie Sanders has been encouraging greater activism.

Feeling the Bern

Waking The Sleeping Giant ultimately culminates with the 2016 Presidential run of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. It certainly does a good job of capturing the dissent and frustration of the political system. In a nutshell, a great many people are fed up with the dominance of money in politics, and they want the government to do its job and reflect the interests of the population (see Saving Democracy).

Bernie Sanders is a symbolic representation of this. He genuinely stands for the majority, and people love him for it! Unfortunately, things went the other way, as Trump was also able to leverage the popular dissatisfaction of the status quo. Only Trump’s take on things are pretty much the opposite of what Bernie and all these people in the documentary are motivated by. They were fighting against injustice, inequality, and for a more sustainable future.

Burt Reynolds walking from an explosion.

The Fire Still Burns

Despite Bernie’s loss to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party Primary, people still very much believe in him, and the cause for a better future. Indeed, his voice and his platform has inspired many to activate politically in the hopes of achieving a better reality (see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). That’s pretty much where the documentary leaves off.

The filmmakers highlight the strength of the grassroots movements, and their burning desire for a political system that reflects their interests. The 2016 Presidential election did nothing to satisfy the burn. If anything, it has sparked still greater attention and mobilization towards realizing a better tomorrow. Watch on and get inspired!


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