Milestone Achieved!

George Lucas Quote, " Education is the single most important job of the human race."

Celebrating Graduation

This past week, I celebrated my graduation from the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Concordia University. It was a challenging and satisfying journey. I genuinely learnt a lot, and am anxious to apply it towards helping to encourage and implement greater sustainability.

Although it was not a sustainability focused program, I took what classes I could related to it, and indeed viewed most classes and business cases from that standpoint. As of yet, sustainability programs are few and far between. But better understanding the corporate environment, and as a result, our current structural paradigms, have helped me to better understand and appreciate our current challenges.

I can honestly say that I was provided with a solid toolbox for tackling problems. The experience has helped me develop the skills for confronting all sorts of issues, as well as how to go about effectively implementing their strategic solutions. It certainly makes for a lot to learn, but my professors and classmates were a tremendous help. Learning really can be a positive collective experience.

Celebrating our graduation from Concordia University's MBA Program, June 2020.
Some enthusiastic grads from the MBA Class of 2016.

The Work Ahead

Graduation feels good! It represents a clear milestone by which we can all recognize an accomplishment. But it also heavily emphasizes our consideration for the future. Things might even appear especially optimistic that day (or so they should), as we contemplate our next steps.

This still holds true, even during the climate crisis. Clearly, there’s a lot to do! But the sharp and dedicated minds that just went through the rigorous academic programs, will also be able to help provide the solutions and implementation for our sustainable transition.

The MBA was tough, but insightful. I chose it, as I believed it could afford me with practical applications. My Bachelor’s degree was in History and Classics. History will forever remain my first love, and I am still very much interested in it, but I am also really concerned for the future. In that regard, studying & engaging in management seemed like an obvious path.

Steve Jobs Speaks To The Stanford University Graduation Class of 2005

Still one of the most inspirational graduation speeches I’ve heard.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, it was a great experience! One that I sincerely hope will be shared by an increasing number of people. I firmly believe that education has & can provide people with the tools we need to better understand our planet and each other. As expressed by George Lucas (I’m a fan) in the title quote, “education is the single most important job of the human race.” I also see it that way. Aside from taking care of each other and the environment of course. It’s our responsibility to learn and improve. We really are all in this together. Education is no exception. Learning clearly requires help and support. We don’t graduate by ourselves.

To that effect, I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to make it to my second university graduation. My wife (Silvia Ito) is a genuine partner, and she totally helped through it. So did the baby for that matter. 😉 He managed to hold out until my final exam before deciding to make his appearance. I’m truly grateful for all the help and support. My plan is to apply that gratitude towards helping to realize a more sustainable future.


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