Recognizing Our Imbalance

Film Recommendation

Surviving Progress (2011)

A thought-provoking documentary that encourages you to explore the meaning of progress and exam the current state of the world. Rapid consumption, deforestation, urbanization, and industrialization all have serious consequences on the planet. Corporate operations and industrial practices may have been able to quickly embrace globalization (see also Sustainability Reporting), but it would appear that our minds are still trying to catch up.

Playing Catch-up

Globalization has been hailed as a benefactor for economic progress, but it has also dramatically impacted the effect human activity has had on our planet (see also What’s Eating The Planet?). On the one hand, it may indeed have been a welcome contribution, yet we must also consider the current path we’re on. Therein lies the rub. We can happily enjoy the fruits of globalization and economic progress, but we have tremendous difficulty wrapping our heads around the possibility that our actions have global consequences.

Human activity is accelerating planetary climate change. It is something that most educated individuals (including the ones interviewed in this documentary) have come to take for granted. We know it to be true, but then what. This knowledge requires a change in our current practices that is certainly difficult to implement. As expressed in the film, humans are operating with the same mental hardware we have since our our inception (as modern humans), yet our practices have potentially evolved beyond our current capacity to grasp these far reaching consequences.

The Introspection

Yes, we can acknowledge climate change, but how then can we change ourselves? This is the underlying question of the documentary. We have progressed to the point where our machines are capable of changing the face of the planet. We must now update our understanding of what we consider to be progress, if we are to preserve the planet system and avoid catastrophic climate change. The question is complex and worthy of reflection. Watch on if you can!

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