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James Hansen: Why I Must Speak Out Against Climate Change

Kicking the Hornet’s Nest

For decades now, Dr. James Hansen has warning people! He has been doing his best, fighting to help prevent the onset of planetary climate change. In this TED Talk, Dr. Hansen describes his journey from climatologist at NASA, to environmental activist. As he saw it, he had no choice.

Dr. James Hansen testifying before US Congress
Testifying before Congress in 1988. Click to see a more recent interview from Democracy Now!.

Early & Repeated Warnings

Dr. Hansen first testified before the US Congress back in 1988. He informed them of alarming threat to life caused by increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our reliance on fossil fuels to power human civilization has been generating vast and increasing amounts of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere. It is clearly having an effect.

As a scientist who has studied in-depth the effects of rising GHGs, Dr. Hansen was profoundly alarmed by what he observed from the earth’s climate data. Humans are changing the earth’s climate stability. Industrial operations, mass deforestation, and unmitigated carbon emissions are having an increasingly devastating effect. We are running low on time. We need to listen to the science, before the resulting changes will be out of our hands.

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The Courage to Keep Fighting

Unfortunately, his warnings are still not being met with the urgency they deserve. The fossil fuel industry and oil lobby has had a profound effect on both government and the media (The Guardian). As a result, there has been a terrible hold on any kind of significant climate action or carbon policy.

Still, Dr. Hansen fights on! It certainly has been an immense struggle for him. Despite the obstacles, Dr. Hansen works relentlessly in trying to get man-made climate change the attention it seriously requires. For this, future generations will be grateful of his efforts. Indeed, here at SM we are sincerely thankful that Dr. Hansen remains motivated. His commitment to sharing the climate message deserves global recognition and action.


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