The Interconnected System

Film Recommendation

Earth From Space (2012)

How It All Connects

This is a pretty amazing documentary that describes some of the intricate relationships of our planet’s climate systems. Scientists discovered these connections after satellites began to focus more closely the earth. These satellites have recorded and analyzed all kinds of enlightening environmental data. What they learned was very cool and immensely fascinating.

There exists a series of sophisticated relationships that interconnect in order to provide us with our current life-sustaining system. Without the data from these satellites, it would have been near impossible to discover these relationships. As with so much in nature, it’s certainly more complex than simply the sum of its parts. It has been immensely revealing to have had the opportunity to view the earth from space.

Looking up at the universe; we are part of an incredibly vast and sophisticated system.

Contemplating Our Place

I learnt so much from watching this documentary! From what drives the currents, to what sustains the Amazon, this film was able to explain so much. It answered questions that I didn’t even know I had! As a result of our scientific advancements, satellites were able to track and record the earth’s movements and cycles. They highlighted the vast interdependencies of each natural system, revealing to scientists some of the inner workings.

The Level Of Complexity Is Simultaneously Incredibly Complex & Amazing!!

A Truly Amazing System

These discoveries have also provided us with a much clearer understanding of climate change. Indeed, looking at the earth from space has provided us with profound insight. For instance, it was was veteran NASA scientist James Hansen, who first started sounding the alarms for climate change. It was from initially studying Venus that he understood the dramatic impact of greenhouse gases (The Guardian).

There is No Planet B
Click the image to learn more about those fighting for the future (photo: Markus Spiske on Unsplash).

A Must-Watch Doc

You can see some of these connections for yourself! The film captures our atmospheric system in motion, tracking the various motions of the air and water currents. Viewers will also witness the movement of minerals and algae, and a number of other elements that all contribute towards maintaining our existence. It’s mind-blowing!

Equally astounding however, is humanity’s impact. We are literally altering the very systems that keep us all alive. While we might not yet fully know what will happen as we continue to disrupt the equilibrium, it’s clear that we are playing dangerously with the earth’s natural cycles. The planet will certainly survive our hubris. All life however is under threat.

This movie will give you pause. Indeed, it provides viewer with a whole lot of information about the earth. It will also help you appreciate how very much alive our planet really is. Watch on, it’s an awesome documentary!


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