Knowing Where to Start

Book Recommendation

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

by Simon Sinek (2011)


An astute and inspiring book that lays it all out for you in terms of identifying your purpose. It’s as much a personal motivator as it is an organizational handbook. Simon Sinek, a gifted communicator, examines the importance of understanding “the why?” It’s what drives successful individuals and organizations, or trips up those who don’t.

For those already in a leadership role, or prepping for one, this is a great read! It’s user-friendly and filled with plenty of examples and applications.

It’s Worth Knowing

Understanding your purpose, or that of your organization, will help you to better connect with your coworkers, customers, and society. Knowing the why offers an incredible opportunity for both inspiration and motivation, with proven beneficial outcomes. It’s all to evident when you really think about it, but it totally helps to have a guide take you through it.

Start With Why Author
Simon Sinek pointing the way.

A Great Place to Start

Simon Sinek is an excellent coach! His case is clearly made, well supported, and connects with readers at a very primal level. If you happen to have seen him speak (he has an excellent TED Talk, and an even better/ though longer talk with 99U), you can see for yourself how effective he is as a storyteller.

While the talks are great, this book gives you the finer details. Sinek shares his revelations and investigations of the impetus that can keep you and your organization sustainably motivated.

We encourage our readers to borrow books when they can, but if you choose to purchase a copy click HERE to order via Amazon, and support this blog in the process. 


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