Knowing Where to Start

Book Recommendation

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

by Simon Sinek (2011)

swwAn astute and inspiring book that lays it all out for you in terms of identifying the purpose of your enterprise. Sinek, a gifted communicator, examines the importance of understanding “the why” behind successful individuals and organizations, and the dangers that befall those who don’t.

For those that seeking to attain a leadership role, or simply understand it better, this is a great user-friendly read filled with examples and applications. Understanding your purpose, or that of your organization, will help you to better connect with your coworkers, customers and society. Knowing the why offers an incredible opportunity for both inspiration and motivation, with proven beneficial outcomes.

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Understanding Water Consumption

Film Recommendation

Tapped (2009)

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

Shedding light on the bottled water “beverage” industry, this sharp documentary delves into the some of the practices and corresponding consequences, of consumers’ growing demand for marketed water. A worthy addition for contributing to your awareness of the impact of corporate practices on society which in turn further strains the environment, thereby compounding the stress on society. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be broken, and the doc attempts to educate its viewers to that effect.

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Is Water a Human Right?

Film Recommendation

Blue Gold (2008)

Buying up The Rights to Life

This documentary provides a strong reminder of the absolute importance of water to life, and raises questions regarding the legality of corporate ownership over water rights that should belong to citizens and locals. Undeniably, water has become big business and has come to exert equally great social and environmental pressures. The film explores a sampling of these.


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Pulling the Strings

Film Recommendation

Citizen Koch (2014)

Under the Influence

The Koch family is the USA’s second richest. Their fortune is predominantly based in companies that specialize in fossil fuel exploitation, from coal and petroleum to pipelines and natural gas, but they also own manufacturing, mining, and investment companies. There are four Koch brothers in total, but those that get the most attention are the current heads of Koch Industries, Charles and David Koch, aka “the Koch Brothers.” They are individually worth in the tens of billions, and they leverage their considerable wealth to advance their political agenda, which consists mainly of ensuring that the USA remains fossil fuel dependent. Continue reading