The Inconvenient Movies

The Inconvenient Movies

A Set Of Monumental Films

An Inconvenient Truth was a pretty big deal when it came out! Put together & released by the former VP of the United States, Al Gore, it certainly created waves. The science itself was not new, but the message was clear, simple, and straightforward. Here was a prominent public figure advocating for serious climate action. It was (and still is) and impressive documentary.

Th First Movie: An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

A Man Of Action

Al Gore has since released An Inconvenient Sequel (see below). It serves as a powerful reminder that we have not yet taken the action we need. Climate change remains a devastating global threat. We are already witnessing the effects of a warming planet. The need for collective action is clear.

Although perhaps not as traumatic as the first film, in that it also depicts some of the work being done. Indeed, the doc covers some of the discussions of governments and organizations as they take (albeit limited) action to mitigate the climate risks. Throughout it all, Al Gore remains an influential champion of climate action.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (2017)

The Climate Reality Project

In addition to having helped write and narrate The Inconvenient Movies, Al Gore has continued his climate work through his organization, The Climate Reality Project. Mr. Gore persists in his struggle to help bring education, awarenesses, and action on the issue. His work is deeply appreciated!🙏 Watch on when you can.


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