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In honour of the upcoming World Water Day (March 22), I’ve compiled a list of my “Top 5 Water Consumption” documentaries. There is definitely a lot of information out there once you start digging, but the following list is meant to give you a comprehensive overview. Water is life! Due to this undeniable fact alone, we should all learn more about water access. Furthermore, given its fundamental nature, and limited abundance, it is also a serious source of concern and conflict for many on the planet. This is just a taste of some of the challenges, struggles, and success stories in our relationship with water.

I’ve previously review posted about the individual films, and you’re welcome to follow the links below to get a more detailed summary and opinion (as well as the trailers).

1. Blue Gold

blue-gold-doc cover

Who should have property rights to water? Does it belong to society and their respective governments, or is it a marketable commodity that should belong to free enterprise? See Is Water a Human Right? for a greater description.

2. Bottled Life

bottledlife_trailer cover.jpg

This documentary covers Nestle Corporations business practices with regards water rights and consumption. As one of the planet’s biggest companies it exerts considerable influence over water access and consumption. See Questionable Ownership for more..

3. Tapped


Focuses on the bottled water industry, and explores the associated dangers to society. See Understanding Water Consumption for more

4. Watermark

Watermark doc image.jpg

This visually stunning film investigates the impact of water on our lives. How society has been shaped by water, and how humans have in turn also shaped and engineered water. See Examining Our Relationship With Water for more…

5. The Future of Water

The Future of Water - Trailer Image

There is so much to learn from this documentary series. It has been broken down into 3 episodes, loaded with history, politics, and science. Wow! I would not normally put a series on my “Top 5” as I’d prefer to suggest a self-contained film, but this is too good to pass up. See Contemplating the Future for more…

Honourable Mentions

Both documentary films I listed below are worth watching if you want to know more about water supplies in the USA and the mechanisms at work behind the legislation, privitatzation and commoditization of water in the US. I did not include them in my Top 5 simply because they focus on specific cases within the US, whereas the earlier doc will offer a broader, global perspective to the challenges of modern water consumption.

Last Call at the Oasis

Last Call.jpg

See Feeling the Thirst for Change for more…

Water and Power: A California Heist

Water and Power.jpg

First aired on National Geographic it is now available on Netflix. Check it out if you can!

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