What’s Your Vision Of 2040?

Film Recommendation

2040 (2019)

Dreaming of Better

Filmmaker Damon Gameau created this documentary to present a sustainable vision of 2040. As a concerned father, Gameau wanted to provide for his young daughter an alternative of what the world could look like if we collectively adopted sustainable solutions. Indeed, his 4 year-old daughter (same age as my older boy), will one day have to face the effects of the exasperating climate crisis. Should we continue on this path of rampant carbon emissions and ever-increasing global temperatures, the future does look quite frightening.

Instead, Gameau offers a positive and hopeful outlook. He provides viewers with information and tangible climate solutions that can be implemented immediately. As he describes it himself during the film, these solutions are not science fiction. Rather, he presents to us options & alternatives that can be adopted and expanded at present.

Kids Dancing gif
Millennial throwback.

2040 – It’s Not That Far Off

He does this in a fun & engaging way. The documentary transports us through time, shifting between the present and 2040. He shows his daughter all grown up, and what society could look like. Gameau has included stories and alternatives from all over the world, letting viewers know of what’s being done. He also regularly interviews children, asking them what their vision of 2040 is. It’s a nice approach!

2040 was a great documentary. The climate crisis is understandably a difficult and deeply concerning issue, yet the film was able to tackle it in a hopeful manner. In focusing on the kids & existing solutions, viewers are encouraged to believe that we can still make a difference. We can take action to help make this world a safer, more habitable place for all.


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  1. Mais vídeos e mais divulgação dos estudos sustentáveis nas mídias atuais, implementação do ensino da sustentabilidade , reflorestamento, cultivo de algas marrons, dentre outros estudos e pesquisas no conteúdo de geografia nas escolas públicas e privadas e cartilhas ilustrativas .


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