Dear Earth, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is In the Air

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day of love… and a multi-billion dollar gift giving industry. Despite the current global pandemic putting a damper on things, it’s estimated that consumers will still spend an average of $164.76 on their loved ones. I’d like to encourage you think about sustainable gift options!

Your celebrations are likely going to look a whole lot different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate LOVE. And here at Sustainably Motivated, we love our Earth. So take a moment today to tell the people in your life you love them, and don’t forget to say Happy Valentine’s Day to Mother Earth too!

A Valentine’s Day Poem for the Planet

Roses are red,

The ocean is blue.

This Valentine’s Day,

Give our planet some love too!

A koala feeling the Valentine's Day love, hugging onto its tree...
Hug your loved ones (and a tree)!

Why not skip the roses,🌹

And plastic-wrapped candy.

These over-used symbols

Really aren’t that dandy.

There are so many options,

Like fair-trade, organic,

and locally-grown,

From your neighborhood botanic.

A happy corgi in a field of poppy flowers
“Support your local flower shops” – this corgi, probably.

So save the trip to the store,🛍️

And make a card of your own.

Pour thoughts onto paper,

That aren’t a clone.

Take-out is nice,

But home-cooked is charming.

Especially when, ingredients

Support local farming.

A couple rolling a dough out on a cutting board, with eggs and vegetables
Home cooked meals, prepared with an extra serving of love.

A gift of 50 trees,🌲

The best positive affirmation.

Because what says ‘I love you

More than reforestation?🌳🌳🌳

Why not offer trees this Valentine's Day?! Image represents a view of the sun shining over forested hills
More trees = more love

Walk with a loved one,👭

No matter the weather.

Leave it to nature,

To bring people together.

In the midst of a pandemic

That left us without mirth,

This Valentine’s Day 💕

Let’s send love to our Earth. 🙏

Try spending Valentine's Day outdoors if you can! The silhouettes of two adults and a child holding hands on a beach, looking across the water
“The Earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry

Share the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Sustainably Motivated! Although it may not be a normal year, you can still brighten someone’s day by showing them how much you care.

We hope that you are feeling the love today, and that you are finding ways to reciprocate that love to our beautiful planet!

Happy Valentine's Day! Woodstock, throws a big heart at Snoopy, getting it stuck on his nose.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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