A Sustainable Source of Quality Jobs

Book Recommendation

The Green Collar Economy

by Van Jones (2008)

Green Collar

Van Jones makes the case for the renewable energy sector as a force for environmental and economic good. Climate change is indeed a terrible man-made crisis, but it also presents an opportunity for societies to shed their fossil fuel dependency and offer leadership through alternatives and innovation.

Globalization has transferred millions of manufacturing jobs away from developed nations towards the developing world. This need not be viewed as a bad thing for the developed states (although labour conditions in the developing world are still in need of dramatic improvement). Rather, it provides the chance for the US, and other prosperous countries, to invest in the future and expand the skills of their citizens.

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Sustainability is Profitable

TED Recommendation

Ray Anderson: The Business Logic of Sustainability

Proof That Sustainability Makes Business Sense

Ray Anderson has led by example. As founder and chairman on Interface Inc., he grew his company into one of the world’s largest suppliers of modular carpeting through the awareness and application of an increasingly sustainable business strategy (their aim is zero waste). The switch to sustainability was certainly profitable, and a real win for himself and his company. As Mr. Anderson explains, business and industry have played the largest role in harming the environment, yet they also represent the size and scale best suited for providing┬ásolutions and amending the harm done to the natural world. It comes down to a matter of understanding. He discovered this for himself as he learnt more about what sustainability meant, and is happy to share this revelation.

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