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Originally from Montreal, I'm a motivated Canadian deeply committed towards implementing and communicating sustainability. Although things look dire, there's still time to act! To that effect, I'm more than happy to collaborate in order to help advance the sustainability transformation. Now living in Tokyo, I'm ready and willing to reach across countries and time zones to help realize positive change.

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  1. April 24, 2018

    […] the vast majority of those who drive (see The Daily Commute), petroleum is probably the only option at the local pump. According to the documentary (and dare I […]

  2. May 25, 2018

    […] still perpetually amazed and impressed by the number of people who chose to commute by bike (see The Daily Commute). It’s a clean, convenient, and cost-effective means of getting around, and it has the […]

  3. September 27, 2018

    […] changing as societies rediscover the importance of the pedestrian as well as the cyclist (see The Daily Commute). As a result, it also marks the occasion for looking to other road alternatives that can transcend […]

  4. October 31, 2018

    […] Considering Alternative Options To Our Daily Commute October 30, 2018 […]

  5. January 5, 2019

    […] already exist! Whether in selecting  alternatives to plastic, or opting for cleaner means of transportation, motivated individuals are already making the switch. The issue is time. We need to rapidly […]

  6. March 23, 2019

    […] stroller-friendly (it lacks elevators, ramps, etc.). Given that we don’t own a car (we rideshare), folding up these sizeable strollers for a drive wasn’t really an option. We needed to use […]

  7. October 5, 2020

    […] fossil fuels remain the dominant, if not sole, option. As we go about our lives, and navigate the daily commute, petroleum still has a monopoly at the local pump. Well, according to the documentary (and dare I […]

  8. January 20, 2021

    […] Check out some of Sustainably Motivated’s past blog posts like “Does Fossil Fuel Divestment Really Work?” and “The Daily Commute“ […]

  9. October 11, 2021

    […] improve public transportation. Say no to commuter air pollutants for you, and your planet. Instead, consider alternatives that can help reduce commuter air pollutants. For […]

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