Navigating Big Changes

Book Recommendation

The Big Pivot: Radically Practical Strategies for a Hotter, Scarcer, and More Open World

by Andrew S. Winston (2014)

The Big Pivot

Once again Winston is back in print to explain the importance of understanding the present conditions in which we live and businesses operate. As he describes it, the dangers and realities associated with climate change and resource scarcity are already here, and corporations need to respond accordingly if they wish to remain relevant and profitable. The book breaks down some of the prominent challenges that have arisen as a result of climate change and business as usual (literally a hotter, scarcer, and more transparent world as stated throughout the book), as well as offering potential strategic solutions for “pivoting” our organizations.

Rather than resist and deny, it makes a lot more sense (and dollars), to embrace the reality, plan for it, and act. For those of you already keenly aware of the need to change then the first part might seem relatively obvious, but he delivers it in such a manner as to speak the language of industry, and his solutions are highly poignant and applicable. This is a man who has taught at and attended some of the United States’ best business schools. Consequently, he knows how corporate management thinks and operates, and thereby provides in this book a practical framework by which diligent corporations can adopt the pivot and implement and environmental strategy.

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