My Cloth Diaper Experience

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  1. Darleen Wong says:

    Love this blog! When did you even have the TIME!?!?
    I too am a mother of 2 (2YO and 3YO), you know lol, and am quite knowledgeable on many aspects of a child’s first years, especially when it comes to designing a nursery. Let me know if you ever have any questions. Take care and keep on blogging mommy! 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    I’ve gone back and forth with my dekor pail and the cloth diapers because it seems like the pail holds in all of the smell almost too well and it almost knocked me down when I went to remove the liner for the wash.
    Right now I’m just using a hanging wetbag, but her room is starting to stink.
    Did you ever have issues with the pail smelling? Or should I change my wash system?

    • silitok says:

      Hi Ashley,

      I didn’t have any issues with the smell. Once our little one started eating solid foods (and had the smelly poops), we cleaned off the diapers into the toilet. We bought a silicon spatula, and a cloth diaper sprayer that attaches to the toilet (a device like this one: We’d basically rinse off the cloth diapers before throwing them in the diaper pail. We also happened to do laundry every day, which probably helped with the smell. But even when we did leave it in the pail a couple days, we didn’t experience any smelliness in the room. The sprayer did a really good job of removing the poop.

      This info wasn’t in the above post, since it was written while my little one was exclusively breastfeeding, and still free of the smelly poops! We picked up the diaper sprayer after the transition to solids, and it really did help.

      I hope you resolve the smelly challenge! Cloth diapers are totally the way to go 😉 Good job mama!

  1. March 23, 2019

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