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On Track Towards Sustainable Parenting

Parenting is a glorious, difficult, rewarding, amazing, grueling, and incredible experience! When you discover (or decide) that you will bring and raise new life into this world, it can generate a wonderful new sense of awareness and a mountain of questions. The search for answers also brings with it the realization that the world can be a safer, more sustainable place if we commit to our roles as parents and encourage empathy, compassion, and understanding in our little ones as we follow more traditional, scientifically backed, means of attachment parenting.

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Awesome Parenting Books

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Raising Children for a Sustainable Future

The more we learn about issues of climate change, pollution, social justice, environmental protection, health, and security, the more we come to understand that all these topics are truly interconnected. Sustainability is a mindset, and it can (and should) start from the very beginning of life. From child delivery and nutrition, to emotional development, cultivated empathy, and delight in play, so much of what shapes the world is shaped by our own upbringing, and how we choose to raise our children.

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My Cloth Diaper Experience


My husband and I try to practice a sustainable lifestyle as best we can, and we had often discussed what steps we could take and what we would do if ever we had children. In fact, we had talked about having children since we first met, although the growing awareness of sustainability was something we had discovered together during the course of our relationship. Learning more about the environment, pollution, consumption and climate change also grew our concern for the future. What kind of world will our child be growing up in?

We definitely wanted a family, but we also wanted to help reduce our burden on the environment. So when I found out I was pregnant, it suddenly moved all these worries into high gear. I wanted to give what was best for my baby, but still continue on our path to sustainability. While I wasn’t really sure yet how to do this, I knew cloth diapers were somehow going to be a part of it.

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