Balancing the Climate Scales

Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future by Mary Robinson (Book Cover)

Book Recommendation

Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future

by Mary Robinson (2018)

Ms. Robinson, the former President of Ireland and a fierce proponent of human rights, has recently published this book on climate change. Her message is clear. The fight for human rights, as well as social and economic equality, are in fact all closely linked with the environment.

Climate change is impacting the world disproportionately. Often those least responsible for planetary climate change are feeling the greatest brunt of it (see also Bill McKibben). If we want to see real progress in any one area, we need to address them all.

The Climate Realization - "I Knew It"

The Climate Realization

Robinson admits she came “late to the game” in realizing that the struggle for human rights and environmental rights are one and the same. As a result, she has been attempting to make up for this slow start as as best she can. There is no longer any doubt ,climate justice is social justice, and that is precisely what she’s championing.

Mary Robinson's Presidential inauguration.
Mary Robinson at her inauguration as president at Dublin Castle in December 1990 (Photo: Matt Kavanagh). Click the image to read her advice for tackling climate change.

Sharing The Inspiration

Robinson explains that the birth of her grand-daughter came around the same time as her revelation (see Newborn Motivation), and she is seeking to spread awareness and solutions as best she can. She does so through this book. Sharing the stories of women who, at a grassroots level, are fighting against the worst impacts of climate change.

US President Obama presents Mary Robinson with the Medal of Freedom.
Mary Robinson receiving the Medal of Freedom from US President Barack Obama (2009). Click the image to read more from The Irish Times.

Climate Justice IS Timely Reading

It is a clear and poignant book, at a time when we really need to hear and absorb more of these stories. Climate change is already upon us, effecting millions across the globe. To solve it, we need to act locally, and come together globally. This one is a lighter and uplifting read. Enjoy!

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