Why Living Infrastructure Is Vital For Sustainable Cities

Megan Fuller

Megan has always loved nature and grew up surrounded by it in rural Ottawa, Canada. Her background in ecology and geography has illuminated both the issues and solutions surrounding the various environmental crises we are facing today. She hopes to create relatable, informative content that readers can walk away from feeling encouraged and educated.

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  1. TanishaRajput says:

    I loved learning about the bats and bugs thriving in Spain! I’ve lately been working on planting a pollinator garden in the backyard and I think its working too because there are always bees in the summer!

  2. I found this article by reading a story about oysters in Italy, then I was intrigued about your article title, living infrastructure… I am wondering, do you think Living Walls can be included and be considered part of “living infrastructure”? I believe Living Walls can be a viable solution and be part of a wider strategy that we need to take if we want to make progress in reducing our carbon footprint and Improve biodiversity into cities.

    • Megan Fuller says:

      Hi! I definitely think living walls are living infrastructure. In fact, I wrote a follow up article about green infrastructure that you might find interesting. Living walls sort of fall under the same category of green roofs. I see “living infrastructure” as an umbrella term that encapsulates both green- (vegetation) and blue- (water) based sustainability strategies.

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