Climate Health & Your Health

Climate Health & Your Health

Because It’s Important!

The climate is changing. We now know without a doubt that humans are the reason that the world is heating up. It’s directly related to the burning of fossil fuels and our dependency on coal, gas, and oil to heat and power our civilization. As a result, we’re going to be faced with an increasing number of storms, droughts, floods, and temperature extremes (click here for What You Need To Know).

For those of you already aware of the dangers of climate change, you may be wondering when I’m going to address health. Well, here it is. Deforestation, and the burning of fossil fuels, the main climate culprits, are also notorious for impacting our air quality. Indeed, air pollution is directly related to all kinds of breathing-related problems, such as the asthma which yours truly has developed since living in Tokyo. FYI – burning plastic doesn’t help (see How Japan Vaporizes its Plastic Waste).

The Bare Necessities

In addition to air quality concerns (breathing), there’s also our collective need for clean drinking water, and of course food. Yes, food security and clean water are also impacted.

That means, that on top of all the direct effects of temperature extremes and environmental disasters, there’s more to consider. Namely, how climate health is integral for supporting all the systems that keep us alive.

So yeah, it’s totally a health issue (WHO). Which leads to a final point. Securing a liveable future. Wanting safe shelter and a non-crazy climate future inevitably impacts our mental health. For those deeply concerned by the climate crisis, you’re probably already familiar with the term eco-anxiety and the effect it can have on your day-to-day.

We'll get through this gif.

Deeply Personal

One way to tackle all these concerns and anxieties is to do something about them. For that to happen, it has to feel personal. The reality being, it is! Indeed, more people from all parts of the globe “increasingly see climate change as a personal threat.” Although the growing anxiety sucks, it’s also a sign of progress. This increased awareness of climate health can translate towards climate action, helping us to effect the necessary transformations. Some steps are more obvious than others. If you’re looking for how to tackle it, check out these 5 Climate Actions for inspiration.

For those of you who are less clear as to the personal links to climate, or perhaps you’re looking for support and sources to help advocate for climate action in your area, then we’re here to help! In fact, we’re planning to spend the next 6 weeks posting and sharing about climate issues that directly relate to your health.

So stay tuned! And remember, you’re not alone!💪


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