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Top 5 Water Consumption Documentaries

Exploring the Dynamics In honor of the upcoming World Water Day (March 22), I’ve compiled a list of my “Top 5 Water Consumption” documentaries. There is definitely a lot of information out there once...


Sustaining Scientific Pursuit

Nurture Curiosity Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking died today. Acknowledged as one of humanity’s greatest minds, Hawking gained international fame for his work on black holes and his continued commitment towards asking the “big questions”...


Discovering the J-UNEP

A Truly Global Initiative I recently attended an event hosted by The Japan Association for the United Nations Environment Programme (J-UNEP) held here in Tokyo at the UN University Shibuya campus. As someone newly arrived...


The Bag of the Future

The New Temp Bag From Bali, Indonesia comes this awesome new bag that is ready to replace the excessive and antiquated plastic version currently dominating the planet. Although other plastic bag alternatives have made...