Bill McKibben in Tokyo

Green filter Tokyo

A Look Through The Green Lens

Famed author and environmental activist Bill McKibben is in Tokyo as part of his Climate Action Tour across a number of Pacific nations. He is here looking to help bring attention to the issues and encourage the acceleration climate action. Mr. McKibben was recently in Tokyo for Earth Day  barely 3 weeks ago, where he spoke to those gathered about the importance of environmental protection and fossil fuel divestment. This time round, he is back for an event hosted by, the organization he helped found. Mr. McKibben was one of several speakers that had been invited to share their wisdom and insights. I’m thrilled to have had the privilege to attend and learn!

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Top 5 Climate Change Docs

Calling for climate action

So Much To See and Learn!

With Earth Day right around the corner, I thought of putting together a little documentary list for those of you looking to build up your knowledge about climate change. Human activity, human industrial activity in particular, is having a very real and devastating impact on our planet. Below, I’ve selected my current “TOP 5” films that relate to climate change (see also Top 5 Water Docs). These docs are well made and can help bring you up to speed with the related issues. Climate change truly is the struggle for our time, and these films do an excellent job of both informing you and representing the efforts.

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What is The Circular Economy?


Taking The Non-Linear Approach

The circular economy, much like Mad Max‘s Bartertown, represents a model by which waste is not viewed as waste, but rather a source of power or material for something else. It’s essentially a closed loop system. The circular economy currently describes a pretty amazing representation of our desire to strive for zero waste,  like the natural world itself. Rather than the conventional means of manufacturing, which is often devised for a single purpose, more attention is given to the product’s end of life, and assessed for further opportunities.

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Fighting for the Planet

Book Recommendation

Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist

Bill McKibben (2013)

Oil and Honey Book Cover

Purpose and Meaning

In Oil and Honey, Bill McKibben offers an account of his life and the struggle of his recent years as he helped grow the momentum around combating climate change. Originally, Bill had simply been a humble author (and all around good human), writing about environmental issues for decades. However, despite the overwhelming evidence to support his concern for the planet, his words were not making the impact he knew was needed. He felt compelled to do more in order to help avert the ongoing destruction of our planet and the corresponding catastrophic climate change that results from it.

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