Dealing in Deception

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Merchants of Doubt (2014)

How Special Interests Buy Doubt

Last night I watched the aforementioned documentary and was sufficiently impressed by what the writers and filmmakers were able to successfully expose. Based on the book of the same name by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, the story covers the marketeers and dirt-mongers that now peddle deception. This is primarily (but not uniquely) done through creating controversy around the topic of global warming. Those that profit from the fossil fuel industry (see The Koch Brothers) spend vast sums of money on influencing both public opinion and national policy. These special interest channel payments to key influencers to help maintain the status quo and obstruct relevant public health and environmental action.

Climate Change is Very Real

Most educated people are keenly aware, there is no controversy! Humans have changed the face of the planet, and impacted it in ways that are creating increasingly dire repercussions. Straight up! You can’t expect to cut millions of trees, burn copious amounts of fossil fuel, and release multitudes of chemicals into the atmosphere daily, and not expect it to have adverse effects on our very unique life supporting systems (learn more about The Interconnected System).

In the Danger Zone

Welcome to the Danger Zone

The documentary covers the transition of corporate denial in tobacco companies (despite said companies being blatantly aware of the evidence), as they sought to mask the harm that their products provoked. This was also true for a number of chemical companies (flame retardants for instance), and is currently true for the fossil fuels industry. Rather than argue the science head on, they learnt that they need to merely sow doubt and deception. With the public caught up in all the noise, they need not even bother with the science at all!

Spewing Deception.

The Snake Oil Salesmen: Masters of Deception

To perform this nefarious task is a crew of well paid commentators who seek to slow down and immobilize any climate change action. The film clearly demonstrates that many of these debilitating orators happen to be the very same people that had spoken up for the cigarette and chemical (flame retardant) companies. These are the deception dealers.

Truly an enlightening documentary! The information was clear and startling, and the film itself was nicely edited to illustrate an analogy between magicians and these purveyors of doubt and deception. I highly recommend watching this documentary. For those in need of more information about the film, book, or the research, check out their website,

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