Dangerously Close To Climate Destabilization

The Years of Living Dangerously Documentary Series

A Call To Action

The Years of Living Dangerously (theyearsproject.com) is an excellent documentary series! It’s produced in part by a number of Hollywood celebrities, (Ex. James Cameron, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, etc.) who take turns hosting different episodes.

Each episode covers a different aspect of climate change. The celebrity takes on the role of correspondent, as we learn about the related challenges & their potential solutions. It’s an eye-opening journey.

Years of Living Dangerously – Trailer

We’re Already Feeling It

What we learn, time and again, is that the climate crisis is real. It is already threatening countless lives. You can see for yourself, if you haven’t already personally experienced the change.

Unless we cut our carbon emissions and cease the mass deforestation of our planet, it will only become worse. The science is clear. We are hovering dangerously close to a threshold, past which we will lose the ability to prevent further catastrophic change. It requires genuine action and leadership.

Living Dangerously - Austin Powers meme

Running Out Of Time

Despite witnessing all the climate devastation, the series also attempts to provide viewers with hope. While you can’t help but shake your head (or shed a tear) at some of the blatant injustices being done to our environment, there are also people fighting against it. Literally in some cases (lawyers, firefighters, etc). Meeting these climate heroes and learning from them, can hopefully inspire you to take what action you can.

You don’t have to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Harrison Ford. You can start with what is most impactful to your community. Indeed, this series can help highlight for you the positive impact that we can have. These are dangerous times. This is a climate emergency. But it’s also an opportunity for each of us to do what we can do overcome it.

Hopefully this series can help you in your own personal journey towards better understanding and responding to the climate crisis. There is still time. Link up with others and leverage your collective action towards meaningful change. This series can serve as a motivating platform.

Check Out The First Episode Here👇

This one is hosted by Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, & Thomas Freidman.

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