Awesome Parenting Books

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Raising Children for a Sustainable Future

The more we learn about issues of climate change, pollution, social justice, environmental protection, health, and security, the more we come to understand that all these topics are truly interconnected. Sustainability is a mindset, and it can (and should) start from the very beginning of life. From child delivery and nutrition, to emotional development, cultivated empathy, and delight in play, so much of what shapes the world is shaped by our own upbringing, and how we choose to raise our children.

Must Read Parenting Books

For those of you expecting a child, it must feel like there is a lot information out there! You doubtlessly want to be prepared, but there are so many versions of things from people who we may look up to, or consider experts. From friends and family, to nurses and doctors, we hear advice and recommendations that might come to contradict each other.

All the more reason to read up for yourself! That’s what we did when we were waiting on on our little miracle. We wanted to cut through all the contradictions and prepare as best we could. This somehow intensified after birth! Cradling this beautiful, vulnerable, amazing little creature, you naturally want to do what’s best for your baby. In response to all these emotions, questions and concerns, there were stacks of books to go through while the little one was asleep. Listed below are our Top 10.

1. The Science of Parenting

by Margot Sunderland

Science of Parenting.jpg

2. Sweet Sleep

by La Leche League International

Sweet Sleep

3. Oneness and Separateness

by Louise Kaplan


4. A Baby Wants to Be Carried

by Evelin Kirkilionis

A Baby Wants to Be Carried

5. The Attachment Parenting Book

by William Sears

Attchment Parenting.jpg

6. Beyond the Sling

by Mayim Bialik

Beyond the Sling

7. The Whole Child Brain

by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Whole Child Brain.jpg

8. What’s Going On in There

by  Lise Eliot

What's Going On In There

9. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

by La Leche League International


10.Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain

by Dana Suskind

30 Million Words

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