The Baby Knowledge Starter Kit

The Baby Knowledge Starter Kit

On Track Towards Sustainable Parenting

Parenting is a glorious, difficult, rewarding, amazing, grueling, and incredible experience! When you discover (or decide) that you will bring and raise new life into this world, it can generate a wonderful new sense of awareness and a mountain of questions.

The search for answers also brings with it the realization that the world can be a safer, more sustainable place if we commit to our roles as parents and encourage empathy, compassion, and understanding in our little ones as we follow more traditional, scientifically backed, means of attachment parenting.

Baby Meme

Where to Start?

With so much information available out there (online and bookstores/libraries) it is sometimes overwhelming to know where to start. New studies and information gets released every year, therefore staying abreast while keeping it cool (don’t panic and stress) is really important.

I put together a list of some videos I found helpful and informative. Watch while you’re pregnant. Once your baby is out you probably won’t have time. For my reading list check out, Awesome Parenting Books.

The Beginning

Where do babies come from and is it the dad or mom who has the babies sex gene?
The following video presents the baby making process in a very scientific yet comical representation which made me laugh a lot when I watched it while pregnant.

The Great Sperm Race

What You Got Yourself Into

(Good stuff I promise… at least the end result)

“The Business of Being Born” 2007 Trailer

Love, Breathe, Just Doula: Ginny Phang

Reducing Fear of Birth in US Culture: Ina May Gaskin

90 Seconds that will change the world: Alan Greene

For other really good Ted Talks click here.

Preparing for Baby
Click the image for some cuteness overload 😉

Preparing For Baby:

Spinning Babies Daily Essentials – Trailer

Made by Gail Tully, a famed midwife and founder of Spinning Babies. I followed these exercises while I was pregnant. The video also includes tips on how to sleep more comfortably, as well as how to walk, sit, and stretch.

Sustainable Parenting

The Beginning of Life (UNICEF) – The Movie

The Beginning of Life (UNICEF) – The TV Series

Currently available on Netflix.

Bringing up Baby (TV Show)

It’s a 4 part series that gave me an idea of what to expect having a baby and the different styles.

The Secret Life of Babies – Trailer

Just For Fun😂

Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas

This hilarious little video is perhaps more appropriate for toddlerhood, but it was something I discovered a few years back (made us laugh so much!) and it stuck with us. Once your baby reaches this age, you’ll get a kick out of how accurate this was.


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