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Originally from Montreal, I'm a motivated Canadian deeply committed towards implementing and communicating sustainability. Although things look dire, there's still time to act! To that effect, I'm more than happy to collaborate in order to help advance the sustainability transformation. Now living in Tokyo, I'm ready and willing to reach across countries and time zones to help realize positive change.

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  1. March 16, 2019

    […] Northern Europe, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg has been periodically missing school (since August) to protest before the Swedish government. She […]

  2. April 5, 2019

    […] In considering the natural world, and all the other planetary inhabitants that don’t have a say in our governments, we are in fact also selfishly caring for ourselves, our future, and that of our children and grandchildren. As so powerfully expressed by Swedish teenager and environmental activist Greta Thunberg, […]

  3. February 28, 2020

    […] Clearly, there have been environmental marches and protests before. However, since the emergence of Greta Thunberg on the world stage, global youth have rallied to her call (see also Fighting for the Future). […]

  4. March 13, 2020

    […] the one hand, we should be panicking! It will help stimulate the sense of urgency needed to drive change. As explained in John […]

  5. August 4, 2020

    […] does provide a balanced approach. It attempts to offer hope to viewers, through the numerous climate activists and environmental organizations that are taking part in the struggle for […]

  6. August 20, 2020

    […] the fence we would rather be on. Do we want to wait for the dramatic changes to be made for us, or can we act in time? Combatting climate change is certainly a daunting task, but if we wait too long it will be even […]

  7. August 24, 2020

    […] His book is brilliant, if chronically painful to digest. Wallace-Wells has managed to condense a great deal of climate information into The Uninhabitable Earth. It is filled with excellent sources all converging into one very clear message. Namely, one of urgency and concern. We are warming our planet at an unprecedented rate, and the effects are extensive and terrifying. We are living in a time of climate emergency. […]

  8. September 1, 2020

    […] nothing. Shaw was clearly a sharp character. There are plenty of jewels to pick from, but in the context of our climate crisis, the title quote (up top) is highly […]

  9. September 7, 2020

    […] It’s about his quest to generate the necessary attention and subsequent policy measures for urgent climate action. Nasheed is on a mission to help prevent his country from being swallowed up by climate […]

  10. October 1, 2020

    […] and the plethora of scientific evidence and urgent warnings. It’s abundantly clear that immediate action is desperately needed to address the issue. Instead, it is being painfully ignored by the government […]

  11. February 11, 2021

    […] To that effect, there’s always something going on. Just recently, another Global Climate Strike was announced, this time for March 19th. It’s organized in part with the help of Fridays For Future. They’re a youth-led grassroots climate movement, inspired by the remarkable Greta Thunberg. […]

  12. February 16, 2021

    […] streets to protest the ongoing destruction of our planet. A young Swedish activist by the name of Greta Thunberg was at the forefront of this […]

  13. April 14, 2021

    […] too hard on yourself! Our Earth appreciates any effort you make; but it’s past time for our governments to take action. While you may not be able to revolutionize our recycling systems on your own, you can help […]

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