A New Hope: New York’s Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

 A Win for Democracy

This week Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the Democratic Congressional Primary in New York’s 14th District. It was a pretty big win for the believers in democracy who continue to hold out hope that the system can genuinely represent the people. Ocasio-Cortez was a relatively obscure candidate running for the first time against a highly placed and well-funded Democratic Party incumbent, who had held on to his position for the past 10 terms. June 26th offered up a dramatic change.

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Bill McKibben in Tokyo

Green filter Tokyo

A Look Through The Green Lens

Famed author and environmental activist Bill McKibben is in Tokyo as part of his Climate Action Tour across a number of Pacific nations. He is here looking to help bring attention to the issues and encourage the acceleration climate action. Mr. McKibben was recently in Tokyo for Earth Day  barely 3 weeks ago, where he spoke to those gathered about the importance of environmental protection and fossil fuel divestment. This time round, he is back for an event hosted by 350.org, the organization he helped found. Mr. McKibben was one of several speakers that had been invited to share their wisdom and insights. I’m thrilled to have had the privilege to attend and learn!

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Is Water a Human Right?

Film Recommendation

Blue Gold (2008)

Buying up The Rights to Life

This documentary provides a strong reminder of the absolute importance of water to life, and raises questions regarding the legality of corporate ownership over water rights that should belong to citizens and locals. Undeniably, water has become big business and has come to exert equally great social and environmental pressures. The film explores a sampling of these.


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The Green Revolution

Film Recommendation

A Fierce Green Fire (2012)

An Environmental Awaking

Covering the history and evolution of the environmental movement is the USA, A Fierce Green Fire is an emotional and enlightening documentary. To help the audience better understand the journey, they break down the story into 5 “Acts,” each narrated by a different celebrity. They provide footage and firsthand accounts as they interview some of the change-makers who describe their struggle to protect the earth. It does an excellent job of tying together some of the various issues and major milestones so that the audience can see that this is all part of a single narrative that culminates into the present fight against climate change.

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