Imagining A New Social Narrative

We Can Choose Another Narrative

TED Recommendations

I’ve included 3 insightful TED Talks that question the current social narrative. These speakers will provide you with worthy considerations when contemplating the present system dominating the planet. The presenters challenge you to imagine something better.

George Monbiot proposes crafting a new social narrative.

­čĺíThe New Political Story That Could Change Everything

George Monbiot reminds us that the stories that support the current social order sound awfully familiar. That’s because we’ve heard them before. Society has indeed been through this many times. The stories are then recycled to support the status quo. He suggests we try something else.

According to Monibot, the time is ripe for change. Indeed, he encourages us to engage with one another other in order to develop a new narrative. One that lays out alternate vision for society. The current one definitely needs work, but it’s up to us to generate a better one. Given the present dire circumstances (the climate crisis, perpetuating the sixth mass extinction, exasperating social/income inequality), we certainly can. It’s on us to determine the future we wish to realize (see also Protect, Restore, Fund).

Nick Hanauer advocates for adopting a new economic model.

­čĺíThe Dirty Secret of Capitalism – And A New Way Forward

Admittedly wealthy from the fruits of capitalism, Nick Hanauer highlights the blatant hypocrisies and outright incorrect suppositions that define our current socio-economic norms. The wealthy have been getting significantly wealthier over the past three decades. It’s not because they are working harder or contribute that much more value. Rather, as Hanauer points out, the current framework is heavily skewed to favor the rich.

This framework represents our contemporary socio-economic narrative. Namely free market neoliberalism. However, this ideology is based on flawed assumptions and incorrect science. Hanauer proposes we consider an alternative path. An economic framework that puts people and society in the equation. He emphasizes humanity’s strengths as being cooperation, compassion, and reciprocity. We are innately moral and considerate. We therefore need a new economic model that reflects that.

Yanis Varoufakis does an impressive breakdown of the current economic paradigm.

­čĺíCapitalism Will Eat Democracy – Unless We Speak Up

Renown economist & Greece’s former Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis breaks down the current danger of perpetuating an economic system devoid of democracy. As he explains, our contemporary economic spheres were placed outside the democratic one. This was done intentionally, as they have currently have conflicting interests. Economies based on capitalism alone will inevitable erode democracy and amplify a plethora of social problems (from income inequality, to extremism).

Varoufakis proposes that we update our current economic models to reflect genuine social need. It is people that are the real drivers of the economy, so it is the people that should also have a share in both capital and governance. He recommends a return to the ideal of democracy, namely a socio-economic system where those contributing the real value to the world’s economies, actually get the corresponding benefit.

A Vision of Hope

These are some pretty profound talks! Hopefully you find them equally motivating & inspiring. The presenters have brilliantly encouraged you to question the current rubrics set forth for society. Our current systems are indeed a choice. Can we not imagine something better?! It might seem an incredible undertaking at first. And yet, our current economic system has demonstrated, time and again, that it is evidently unsustainable. Clearly, it’s time for a new narrative.


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