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Celebrating Earth Day in Tokyo

Earth Day in Tokyo was a wonderful experience! Held in Yoyogi Park, this weekend event was filled with people looking to share their passion for the planet.


The Interconnected System

Film Recommendation Earth From Space (2012) Discovering How It All Connects This is a pretty amazing documentary that describes some of the intricate relationships of our planet’s climate systems. Scientists discovered these connections after satellites...


The Green Revolution

Film Recommendation A Fierce Green Fire (2012) An Environmental Awaking Covering the history and evolution of the environmental movement is the USA, A Fierce Green Fire is an emotional and enlightening documentary. To help the...


Restoring the Equilibrium

Book Recommendation The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature by David Suzuki (2007) An Environmental Guru David Suzuki is the man!! Yes, I am aware that I’m to write a little something about...