Restoring the Equilibrium

Book Recommendation

The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature

by David Suzuki (2007)

The Sacred Balance

David Suzuki is the man!! Yes, I am aware that I’m to write a little something about the book rather than the author, but I just wanted to get that out of the way. David Suzuki is quite definitively one of the most prominent faces in Canadian environmentalism, and has authored a number of books on science, nature, and the environment. This one in particular is a pretty cohesive examination of the various elements that make up our environment (such as the soil, water, and air), what human impact has has influenced, and how we can potentially diminish (or resolve) the detrimental effects of human (this includes corporate) activity.

Suzuki provides us with a clear reminder that man, and consequently his organizations, are very much a part of nature. Unfortunately, there has been what appears to be a collective amnesia when it comes to this very fundamental fact. As a result, Suzuki takes us on a literary journey to remind us of our connections to the natural world, and delivers to the reader a constructive framework for rediscovering the balance.

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