Newborn Motivation

Newborn Baby Motivation - Virginia Kelley Quote

The Birth of Hope

My wife gave birth to our first child last week, and we are absolutely elated! We’re also tired, nervous, excited, and in love. No doubt many of the same feelings that all new parents go through. Joyful and appreciative of this new life, but also apprehensive and anxious. Like so many parents, we obviously want what’s best for our child and have profound concerns for the future.

As expressed by Virginia Kelley’s quote, “There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.” Mrs. Kelley hit the nail on the head with that one.

A lifelong nurse, and mother to former US President Bill Clinton, Mrs. Kelley totally captured our sentiment. My wife and I were already considerably motivated towards adopting and encouraging sustainability, and the arrival of our first child certainly strengthened our resolve.

Holding my newborn son.

A Powerful Motivator

Our little bundle brought us so much happiness! After waiting so long for his arrival, and prepping as best we could (check out the Baby Knowledge Starter Kit), we were seriously excited to meet him. Naturally, we also had a great many questions, and my wife and I attempted to read as much as possible (see Awesome Parenting Books) to help us out on our new journey through parenthood.

Time and again, we came back to the issue of sustainability. How could we help make the world a better and safer place for him, and all children? How could we make a difference, and ensure that the natural world will continue to provide for him and his own children?

There’s certainly a lot of ground to cover, and I will happily continue to share my discoveries on this site. As Ms. Kelley expressed, a newborn child can be a powerful motivator, and his arrival has further animated our desire for sustainability. We must act now to advert the worst of the climate crisis. It’s for all their sakes.


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