We Need Climate Action Now To Help Protect Their Future

Climate Action Now - For The Future of Our Children

It’s For The Children

There are so many reason to fight for a stable climate and rebel against the massive environmental destruction taking place. You might be motivated by any number of reasons. Be it for the the love of nature, your desire to breath clean air and drink clean water, or perhaps you love swimming in a plastic-free ocean. Nature provides so much!

There are countless reasons why we should work to protect our environment. But we mustn’t forget that the struggle for sustainability is ultimately about protecting the future. It’s about the kids. Our children, and theirs, who will have to live in a world wrought with our consequences. For their sake, we can do better. Thankfully, they can & do also inspire us to be better.

puppy jumping on baby_gif
Cuteness overload.

Delivering Hope

Just this month, my wife and I welcomed our second son. This precious little being instilled within us so much love and tenderness, that it actually felt like our hearts grew somehow. Along with warmth and affection, our new addition also provided us with tremendous motivation and a renewed resolve to advocate for climate action.

Eda J. LeShan Quote, "A new baby is like the beginning of all things, wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

A Better Future Is Possible

However frightening the climate crisis, we must remain optimistic. Think of the little ones coming to the world, and be energized by the belief that we can shape a better society for them. As described by psychologist, author and educator, Eda J. LeShan, “a new baby is like the beginning of all things, wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

These tiny little creatures have the power to compel you to consider the future and try to do right by them. Now is the time to work on ensuring that they have a safer, stabler climate and environment. One that continues to provide long after we’re gone. Think about what that might mean for them, and encourage greater climate action now.


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