Sustainably Motivated


Pulling the Strings

Film Recommendation Citizen Koch (2014) Under the Influence The Koch family is the USA’s second richest. Their fortune is predominantly based in companies that specialize in fossil fuel exploitation, from coal and petroleum to pipelines...


The Corporate Paradox

Film Recommendation The Corporation (2003) Understanding its Purpose A powerful documentary about the role of corporations in modern society. Although a few years old already (as reflected in the graphics), the content is nonetheless very...


Newborn Motivation

The Birth of Hope My wife gave birth to our first child last week, and we are absolutely elated! We’re also tired, nervous, excited, and in love. No doubt many of the same feelings...


Restoring the Equilibrium

Book Recommendation The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature by David Suzuki (2007) An Environmental Guru David Suzuki is the man!! Yes, I am aware that I’m to write a little something about...