Top 5 Climate Change Docs

Demanding Climate Justice

So Much To See and Learn!

With Earth Day right around the corner, I thought of putting together a little documentary list for those of you looking to build up your knowledge about climate change. Human activity, human industrial activity in particular, is having a very real and devastating impact on our planet. Below, I’ve selected my current “TOP 5” films that relate to climate change (see also Top 5 Water Docs). These docs are well made and can help bring you up to speed with the related issues. Climate change truly is the struggle for our time, and these films do an excellent job of both informing you and representing the efforts.

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Awesome Parenting Books


Raising Children for a Sustainable Future

The more we learn about issues of climate change, pollution, social justice, environmental protection, health, and security, the more we come to understand that all these topics are truly interconnected. Sustainability is a mindset, and it can (and should) start from the very beginning of life. From child delivery and nutrition, to emotional development, cultivated empathy, and delight in play, so much of what shapes the world is shaped by our own upbringing, and how we choose to raise our children.

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New Zealand to Ban Future Offshore Oil Drilling


A Big Win For Climate Action

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, announced today that there would be no future oil drilling in the country’s waters (Financial Times). Since New Zealand’s waters, aka its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), cover approximately 4 million square kilometers, this is an especially amazing achievement! The declaration comes at a pivotal moment in the global push to combat climate change, and a is big win for the environment.

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Green Tokyo: Komazawa Park

Komazawa Koen (Park)

An Urban Refuge

My family and I just spent a gorgeous day at Komazawa Olympic Park! Located in a corner of southwestern Tokyo, this huge green space provided us with a full day of outdoor fun. Outdoor activities are certainly a must for peace of mind when living in a big city (see The Sacred Balance), and this need is especially compounded with children. The endless sights, sounds, and smells of an urban capital can potentially weigh down on a person, and Tokyo is no exception. In fact, it’s not merely a city, but rather a megalopolis! With a population of approximately 38 million (the entire population of my home country of Canada is 36 million), across a metropolitan area of about 2, 000 square km, it truly is massive. If ever you have the opportunity to visit the city and make it up one of its many towers or skyscrapers, you’ll see that the urban landscape stretches beyond sight. Still, that doesn’t mean Tokyo is void of its fair share of greenery and flora.

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