Feeling the Japanese Enthusiasm for the UNEP

Green goblin

A Truly Global Initiative

I recently attended an event hosted by The Japan Association for the UNEP (J-UNEP) held here in Tokyo at the UN University Shibuya campus. As someone newly arrived to this country, I’ve been excited to learn more about the sustainable practices and developments that are going on in Japan. Fortunately, this forum provided me with my first inroad into connecting with some interesting people who share my passion for sustainability. It was also really helpful that the conference was in English!

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My Japanese Farming Experience

Southern Japan (Kyushu)

Organic Farming in Kyushu

Admittedly, farming is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Japan, but this country is famous for its culture of honoring traditions, and organic farming is no exception. I had the opportunity to visit Japan during the previous summer, and was excited to return and take a deep dive (literally knee deep), into a rural part of the country where I could really immerse myself in the culture.

This was to be my first trip to the southern island of Kyushu, known across Japan for its striking natural beauty, subtropical climate, and incredible food. Once there, I was to spend 6 weeks with my Japanese host family, earning my keep, and learning as much as I could. I had no prior experience on a farm (aside from our urban garden), and spoke very minimal Japanese. It was an amazing, challenging, tasty, and enriching experience!

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